Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer 2009

Yes, I am a slacker. The last 3 months have been tough, especially since my morning sickness has been all day, every day. That's right, we are due with number 2 on March 20th. We should find out sometime the end of October what we are having, I promised my hubby. Everytime we ask Andrew if he wants a brother or sister he just grins at us like he knows something. Hopefully he will be ready for the new little one!

It is getting harder to take pictures of Andrew. He is much quicker!! At 18 months, he is pretty tall and skinny for his age. He just moved into a big boy bed this weekend and is doing very well. He figured out the other day that he can get out which is a bummer. But for the most part, he stays in bed at night, then in the morning he gets up and goes to the gate.

Here are some of the pictures from the last month. I will try to be better about posting but I make no guarentees! Besides, right now it is hard to stay up till 8 much less till after Andrew goes to bed!

Maybe one day I will fill these boots!

Playing with Bubbles

I can feed myself!

Chillin with Dad

Swinging with Papa

Playing Ball with Mom

Helping in the kitchen

Saying bye to Gigi

Helping Daddy Drive

Me and all my girls

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting Bigger

Well, we finally have some teeth! Andrew has his 2 top teeth and a bottom one is working its way in now. So far, no real biting, just lots of drooling and low grade fevers.

His physical skills are pretty good. He is walking well, able to stack blocks, and open and close items. If he is not supposed to be doing something, he is excellent at it. We are still working on the talking but we do have a few more words, again, all done and possibly water.

Andrew did want to take showers with us at one point. He is not fond of getting the water on his head but likes being held under the water. Here is a picture of him after a shower waiting for mommy to get dressed.

The other activity he likes to do when mommy is in the shower is emptying my makeup drawers and putting my underwear on his head. (CLEAN!!) He grabs as many pairs as he cans and puts them around his neck. Below is a future blackmail picture...

Andrew has his first Harley hat. Lee's old Sgt. and his wife gave Andrew this cool hat to wear. Too bad our kid is cooler than us. He better not get a Harley before us!

Waving to daddy outside!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So I am a slacker...

It has been awhile, I know. In my defense, I now have a very active 14 month old and I had surgery last month (gallbladder).

So Andrew is now walking, climbing, you name it. He likes to go outside and ride his bike or wagon, or go to the park or pool. He is still not talking but he added a new sign (more) yesterday...might be since he is an eater!! He can out eat Lee and I...not sure what we are going to do when he is a teenager!!! Here are some pics from the last month to try and catch up!

Family portriat on Easter Sunday

Andrew with baby Avery before Heather's Shower...not quite sure what to make of her!

First ride on the tractor - faster faster!

Hunting Easter Eggs - he really just liked them to make noise!

Chillin at the pool last weekend!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The past two weeks have had a lot of firsts - chores, toothbrushing, cows milk only, birthday, steps, and ear infection. It has been a very busy time for us! And still cannot believe that it has been a year!

Andrew being the sweet child that he is, decided to help me vacuum the steps. He climbed up beside me and held onto the vaccum. he definately takes after his dad!! Maybe we can start chores earlier than we thought??

We also had our first "toothbrushing". I laugh since he has no teeth but we thought we would get him used to it. He loves to eat the toothpaste and tolerates the brushing. The doctor said that it is normal up to 15 months for kids not to have teeth, lets hope he gets some by then!

I had a test done on her gallbladder on the last Thrusday in February. I was not allowed to nurse Andrew for 24 hours which I learned when I got there. So, we went cold turkey and transistioned to whole milk. Andrew had had some milk a few times, trying to get him used to it. Other than a little confusion on his part, he took the transition very well and is drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup everyday. We are done with botttles - YEAH!

We celebrated Andrew's first birthday on the 28th. Lee and I are still debating when to celebrate in the future. My family came to town and Lee's came over for the celebration. Andrew was tired but did actual open some of his gifts. Mommy accidentially scared him when he reached for the candle but he eventually at his cake. He was remarkably clean which is odd since he can get dirty eating something like a piece of turkey. I had fun making his cake! Andrew made out like a bandit and got many cool gifts, most which make noise. Mommy and Daddy got him a tricycle that he likes to push around the house.

Andrew has taken a few steps. I am not able to get pictures since it is only 2 or 3 at a time. He does not quite have his confidence yet, otherwise he would be off. Once he figures out he can really walk, we will be playing a lot of chase!

This week we went for Andrew's 1 year check up. He was fussy the night before and we figured teeth (not even close). Turns out he has his first ear infection. Figured a year before the first one is pretty good. He is on antibiotics and is much happier!

Nowadays, he plays with Maggie and Max a lot more. He loves to give Maggie things, her bone, rope, food, his food. Andrew has also started pointing. It is very cute and boy he know what he wants! When it is food - he pretty much demands as my mother found out!

I want to give him a mohowk when he gets more hair - what do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Climbing and Balloons

This past week, Andrew has been a very hungry boy. He loves and eats pretty much anything we eat. He even tried some whole milk for the first time. He would take sips of it...and then spit it out! But at least he keeps trying to drink it!

Our friend Tammy was nice enough to bring Andrew a football balloon on Superbowl Sunday. Well Andrew wanted NOTHING to do with the balloons. He would back away from them if he was near or crawl as far away as he could. Well over the last 2 weeks he has changed his opinion. The football is partially deflated but he brings it with him around the house. As you can see, he figured out how to take it upstairs.

Mommy and Daddy got him a monkey balloon for Valentine's and he has loved banging it on himself and what ever is around him.

We have begun climbing anything we can find including boxes.

Something else new this week is Andrew has discovered his tongue. He sticks it out and makes funny faces. It is very amusing since he really has no idea what he is doing. He also found a fake rose and loves playing with it. He will give it to Mommy and Daddy, and then take it back. I keep telling Lee he is practicing for the Bachelor.

Andrew loves bath time! He plays in the water and loves to stand up (not the safest place for that)! Even when he gets his face wet, he does not mind. Hopefully that will keep up for the pool this summer! He likes to knock all of the bottles in or just hold onto the drain while he plays with his toys.

In other news, Lee and Tera got our new TV hung over the fireplace, it is like a new family room!! Oh, and I finally got a picture of Andrew playing peek a boo with the strainer...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The First Month

Mommy has been a slacker and has not uploaded the recent pictures yet. I will update again soon! This week we have been looking for gates to keep someone off the steps. Hopefully we will have some by his birthday!

Mommy has been busy planning for Andrew's 1st birthday. We are celebrating on the 28th this year since it is a Saturday. We are doing a small family celebration, meaning Tera's family is coming to town for the weekend and Lee's will come over.

Here are my favorite pics of Andrew from his first month! He loved falling asleep in your arms and taking a nap that way. He slept well!

Sleeping with Daddy

Napping with Gigi - notice where his arm is, he put it there himself!

He loved to be propped up.

So peaceful